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Sunlight – a vital nutritive factor in life

“Sunlight is vitally important in the nutritive processes of both plant and animal life. Perhaps we cannot call it a food, but we can, at least, call it an accessory nutritive factor. Its office would seem to be somewhat like, if not identical with that of the vitamins. Take away sunlight and all life upon earth would perish. In the tropics, where the sunlight is most abundant, life exists in greatest profusion. In those portions of the earth where nights are longest and days are shortest, and where long winters prevail, life is either absent altogether or it consists of poorly developed forms.” [1]

“The evidence is clear from animal experiment and human experience that if a child receives an abundance of sunlight it will thrive on almost any kind of diet, whereas, if you deprive it of sunlight, it will not thrive well on the best of diets. Sunlight is one of the most important elements of the natural diet. Every child should have sunlight before birth and after birth. No “just-as-good” substitutes should be used.” [2]

“After due consideration of the influence of light in promoting the development of animals, Trall declared that the exposure of the whole surface of the body to light is favorable to symmetrical development and offered insolation in the open air as a means of preventing and remedying rickets and scrofulous conditions.” [2]

” If sunlight is so necessary to the perpetuation of life, and the production of normal development, it is equally necessary to the preservation of health and the prevention of “disease.” if it is as necessary to life and health as are food and air, the body must inevitably be weakened and “diseased” in its absence. It fills an important need in the organism and its place cannot be filled by anything else. The highest degree of health cannot be attained and maintained without it.” [2]


Extracted from:

Vol. III
First Edition 1934
Third Revised Edition 1950

at the Soil and Health Library

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Bone health linked with fruit and vegetable consumption

In 2000, in a paper cited by 235 papers on Scopus since its publication, New et al [1] reported:

“The BMD (Bone mineral density) results confirm our previous work (…), and our findings (…) provide further evidence of a positive link between fruit and vegetable consumption and bone health.”

Research can move fast. So what are the more recent reports on this topic?

In 2011, the authors of a study of over 3000 Scottish women [2], say:

“It is concluded that dietary flavonoid (found particularly in fruit and vegetables) intakes are associated with BMD, supporting the evidence from animal and cellular studies.”

In 2012, Shen et al [3] say:

“commonly consumed antioxidant-rich fruits have a pronounced effect on bone, as shown by higher bone mass, trabecular bone volume, number, and thickness, and lower trabecular separation through enhancing bone formation and suppressing bone resorption, resulting in greater bone strength.”



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